The Crystal Care Face Massager
The Crystal Care Face Massager
The Crystal Care Face Massager
The Crystal Care Face Massager
The Crystal Care Face Massager
The Crystal Care Face Massager
The Crystal Care Face Massager

The Crystal Care Face Massager

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Age is just a number! The Crystal Care Face Massager can assist with the removal of wrinkles, puffiness, and dark bags under the eyes. Using the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine, the roller stimulates the meridian points on the face, energizing them and filling them with life.

The fascinating design allows space for two rollers: one large and one small. Use the bigger one for cheeks, chin, neck, and forehead. The smaller one can be used for the delicate parts of your face: nose, lips, and eyes.

Start by washing your face with your usual cleaning products, applying any facial creams. Take the roller and use it against your forehead, cheeks, lips, and nose. Don’t roll back and forth; use upward motions to roll over your head. With eyes closed, gently roll the smaller roller over your eyelids. This is important for assistance with bags and darkness under the eyes. Use for 5-10 minutes on average around 3 times a week.

Also included in this beautiful set is a Gua Sha scraping tool. Use this tool to remove facial pressure and tension, encouraging a blissful state of relaxation and gratitude. This tool should be used from bottom to top, always pushing upwards. It’s also important to remember that you should always complete one side of the face before moving onto the other. This encourages lymphatic drainage in the face and neck, leaving you with a healthy glow.

A good idea is to start by moisturizing the face and neck. Place the scraping tool against the flat area of skin on the left side of the neck and bring the tool up to the jawbone. Repeat this several times. Continue on the right-hand side, and finally the center. After the neck has been cleaned, move onto the face, always remembering to start at the bottom and work upwards.

These beautiful health care sets make great gifts for a loved one. Made from a choice of Jade or Rose Quartz, the roller and gua sha tool also provide benefits from the stones themselves.

Jade, always cool to the touch, is known to encourage feelings of serenity, purity, and longevity. Whereas Rose Quartz is associated with clarity of thought, relieving tension, and love. As these tools are made from crystals, it’s important to cleanse them regularly so that they continue working to the fullest extent.

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Product Details:

  • Package includes:
    Rose Quartz/Jade Roller:
    1x Roller 
    Rose Quartz/Jade Set: 1x Roller, 1x Scraper
  • Item Type: Skin Care Roller
  • Material: Jade, Rose Quartz
  • Massager Size: 5.90 - 2.08 in (15 x 5.3 cm)

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